By Cool Funster

This deck is pretty good for farming Half Bloods for cash. Its cheap and unupgraded, and costs ~450 or so. 

Deck StuffsEdit

12x Water Pillar  3x Nymph Tears 17x light Pillar 2x Solar Buckler

Import code: 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5i4 5ig 5ig 5ig 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5l8 5ld 5ld 8pp


Simply play any pillar as you get them. Create a water nymph as soon as possible and churn out light nymphs. Their ability heals you for 10, and have 9hp each, and 6 damage. Simply heal your self as much as you want to after the end of every turn. The main idea is to kill the opponent before you run out of light quanta, which are generated by your pillars before they become nymphs.


Pros – WORKS LIKE A BEAST AND HAS EASY ELEMENTAL MASTERIES ON HALF BLOODS. (most of them) Cons – Doesn’t work well against heavy heal decks – you’ll probably deck out or have run out of air quanta. Is somewhat vulnerable to early creature control and lobotomize. Also vulnerable to extremely fast rushes. Otherwise pwns hard. Also is resistant to these things later when you have more water nymphs and light nymphs. 


I’ve played about 10 games with the half-bloods and I’ve basically element mastered half of them, and won four of the remaining five. Its awesome. 

Edit: After playing with this deck more, I realize its not impenetrable, but is one of the first cheap decks I found that seems to win a majority of Half-Blood games, and has an income level similar to PvP.

This deck is defeated by squid congeal/freeze decks, rewind decks,  fire rush, lobotomise decks, pharoah scarab rush, all of which make up a good portion of the decks in half blood.  This deck has not creature control, no artifact control, and if your nymph's are prevented from using your skills, from being pandemoniumed, frozen, lobotomised, can't heal fast enough due to enemy rush, or are send back to deck , your good as dead. also, if enemy poseiden starts activating early on, you can be screwed out of nymphs too.

Sorry, but this deck just does not work. I am currently 9-2 against Half-Bloods with 1 elemental mastery. Far too many Half-Blood decks have Lobotomizers or spells to kill the initial Nymph Queen, and after that it keeps going downhill.


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