The reason this is called malignant skeletons is because you will be using...

16xBone pillars



NxSkeletons,photons,viruses etc. to intoxicate.

This is only a list of cards and a strategy you can add to your deck.

If you want, throw in a few empathic bonds and emerald pillars for fast recovery.

The basic strategy is to use the aflatoxins on the creature you intoxicate and use boneyard so every malignant cell that is killed, a skeleton enters battle. Also when you use the empathic bonds, it heals for every malignant cell that is on the field, giving you a boost of health. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE DECK it is only a list of cards you can put into your deck.


This deck is weak to any shields besides Dissipatation and Phase shield because those can be disarmed. Also lightning and firestorm are a threat to this deck. Thats why this is only a list of cards you could put into your deck.



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