This deck is (obviously) a Scorpio deck, or water/ poison deck. By the way, I'm MiniScorpio (obviously) and I'm a new player, so don't blame me for mistakes.This water/ poison deck is exactly like Scorpio's Deck (obviously) except its divided in half cos Scorpio's deck is way over 60. basically its something like this

Mark of death

6 Puffer fish

3 Physalia

5 deadly poison

1 Arsenic

Any number of sapphire towers

5 bone tower

2 Artic octopus

3 Congeals

1 Ice lance

2 Ulitharid

3 Aether tower

2 Twin universes

1 Poseidon

2 Permafrost Shields

Its seems like a lot, but its not much actually. You can also find this if you search Scorpio on this wiki. The strategy is simple: exactly the same as scorpio, or you just start pumping poison down his veins at early game. Freeze everyting in the way and get your shields out.

How to make this deckEdit

If you're a newbie like me, (obviously) you cant immediately just magic this 'ol deck out of nowhere. Firstly cos its all upgraded. Secondly cos its frickin expensive.So I reckon you should start with this first (which I am also currently using) . You start with mark of water, then you slowly get everything into the unupgraded deck, like puffer fishes being Toadfishes. If you dont add in the rare cards, add in a couple of other cards and metamorhpose to get this:

Mark of water

6 Toadfishes

3 Chrysoara

5 Poison

1 Dagger

Any number of sapphire pillars

4 Bone pillars

3 Freezes

1 Ice bolt (or two if you're more destuructive)

2 Mind- Flayers

3 Aether pillars

5 Wind pillars

2 Parallel Universes

2 Ice shields

You can slowly burn your path then after you got this, though it relies more on strength than poison. Then after you slowly got to the point where you start grinding gods and more filthy gold, you upgrade everything and get rid of the disgusting Wind Pillars, then you're done. You can also add in a couple more nice cards and then there you are!! It sounds really tiring but I think it makes quite a good deck.

Other things to keep in mindEdit

Remember you shouldn't stick to this build only. You can vary your deck, add in more good cards, modify it a bit, its all up to you. There's about 7 more card spaces after you got the full and ready deck out, then you can add maybe:



Poseidon or other weapons

Phase spiders (or other aether cards)

Pillars/ Towers

Parallel Universes

And stuff like that. (I know they all start with P, don't bother me about that) You can also add in stuff like Animate weapon and Nova, which can be used by any deck. Good luck!

P.S I wonder if Scorpio could talk, what he would say if he met this deck??

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