4t3 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52g 52h 52h 52i 52i 52j 52j 52j 52k 52k 52l 52n 52o 52o 52p 52p 52q 52r 52r 52r 52s 52t 52t 8pk

total cards: 35

bone pillar x12

dagger x1

bone dragon x2

virus x2

flesh spider x3

skull shiel x1

bone yard x1

plague x2

poinson x2

arsenic x1

bone wall x3

aflatoxin x1

mummy x2

levels 0-2:win

level 3: about 4/5ths of the time win

level 4+:lose

startegy: kill opponents creatures early, but try to let them power your vulturesm bone walls, and bone yards. poison your enemy quickly with the arsenic and the poisons. remember, even if the opponent has an incredibly strong sheild, poison can still damage him!

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