This deck was Removed by FinalSlayer on Kongregate, so I suggest you mute him, or complain till he is banned!!!

But here it is: The Mutation Spider Deck

This deck can sometimes be very costly! But it is made up by the amount of wins you are able to obtain with it! It is very easy to use with the Aether Mark. I would recomend this for any person starting out, I tried Death and Darkness Decks but It did not work out to well. This deck allowed me to start farming level threes, I will be posting another page for my current deck. I also realize I had put a Lobotomizer in here by accident. No worrys, you should beable to beat the quests within a couple days I hope this helps people. Please Do not edit any information for these are my opinons.
Spider deck

Mutating Spider Deck

I started out with mark of Aether. I sold all of my P. Dragons. I sold all of my imortals, all of my abomonations, I did keep my purple dragon. That should get enough to start the base line of this deck. Just play level ones untill you figure out the stratagy. It is usuly wait till you get the cards you need but that is not too hard, you may need more or less pillars depeneding on your prefrence. I will later make an upgraded version of this deck and I will post the link, any suggestions will be noted. Just post them on my talk page first! Thanks a bunk-Kevin

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