Mark of life


4x Emerald pillars

2x heal

1x Thorn carapace (optional)

1x Drudic staff (optional)

6x mitosis

12x Obsidain pillar

6x Devourer

2x Nightfall

6x Drain life 

Deck code:

5bs 5bs 5bs 5bs 5c2 5c2 5c3 5c5 5c9 5c9 5c9 5c9 5c9 5c9 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5um 5um 5um 5um 5um 5um 5uq 5us 5us 5us 5us 5us 5us 7ta 8pn


play your Devourers as fast as you can then put mitosis on it this should effectivley quantum lock your opponent. Then play night fall 


Quantum pillars



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