Note: This article is depreciated and should be archived

-Mute button will be implemented in the next update.

-Two new quests will be added.

-Card Upgrade system will be implemented.

-Seven new cards will be added.

New quests can be view in the quest button. There's a new quest that gives you a rare for having a score of over 500. The second new quest allows you to 1) upgrade cards, and 2) play level 6, False Gods.

The last new quest allows you to upgrade cards. Each card has a new upgrade, it is a much stronger version of the original card, or sometimes it is a different ability or lowered costs. You have to finish all the quests to have this option.

Also with the last quest, it gives you the option to face the False Gods (lv6). They're insanely powerful, and don't obey the normal rules of Elements (they draw two cards each turn, have 200 HP, marks give 3 quanta per turn, etc.)

NOTE: A few people have been asking about how the upgrade system works. Basically, each card (even rares) will have an upgraded version which you will be able to buy. Each upgrade costs 1500 electrum (coins), so they do not come cheap. For a list of upgraded cards, refer here: List of Upgraded Cards


Card Type: Creature

Cost to summon: 5 water

Stats: 5/4

Abilities: Inflate: Poisons target creature (Cost: 1 Air)

Fallen Elf (possible rare)

Card Type: Creature

Cost to summon: 6 entropy

Stats: 3/2

Abilities: Mutate: Target creature is mutated (Cost 1 Life)

Minor Vampire

Card Type: Creature

Cost to summon: 3 darkness

Stats: 2/2

Abilities: Damage dealt is returned to you as healing.

Mind Flayer

Card Type: Creature

Cost to summon: 4 water

Stats: 2/2

Abilities: Psionic Wave: remove any skill from the target creature. (Cost: 2 aether)

Lava Golem

Card Type: Creature

Cost to summon: 2 fire

Stats: 5/1

Abilities: Growth: Lava Golem gains +2/+2 (Cost: 1 Earth)

Graviton Firemaster

Card Type: Creature

Cost to summon: 2 gravity

Stats: 0/5

Abilities: Ablaze: Gravity Firemaster gains +2/0 (Cost: 1 Fire)

Phase Spider

Card Type: Creature

Cost to summon: 3 Aether

Stats: 4/2

Abilities: No abilities

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