The strategy is pretty simple: play the pillars, use 1 nymph's tears (keep the rest in case your nymphs get killed), then use the nymph queen to make more nymphs. The heals are to stay alive, or to go for elemental mastery.

The CardsEdit

20- 25x water pilllars
2- 4x water pendulums (optional)
6x nymph's tears
6x heals
Mark of Life

I never play with any tweaks to this deck. The pendulums help get more life in case you do not have enough life quanta to fuel the heals. I don't think weapons help. I don't care what else you add to this, like dfferent pillers for more types of nymphs. Just have fun with it. It works pretty good for lvl 3 grinding, or some pvp battles.

Replace ten water pillars with life pillars and use adraline(by using nymph's tears on the life pillars) to finsih the game in average of 7 turns when vs level 3.

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