Nymphs are the second hardest cards in the game to obtain, behind additional Mark Cards. There is one nymph for every element, and each can use the ability of the alchemy card of their own element. For the first two weeks of their existence in the game, Nymphs could also be spun from PVP or T50 decks which contained them, but this was discontinued shortly after, and now a Relic will be won from a deck containing a Nymph if the Nymph would have been spun. The only way to obtain a Nymph now is to be given one by the Oracle, through a card in the water element called Nymphs-Tears, or by rolling one after defeating a FG.

Nymphs vary in usefulness, some having abilities which are more expensive than available alternatives, and others having powerful abilities which are only otherwise available on a mutant.

Nymph's Tears will turn a targeted pillar into a Nymph. If the pillar is anything other than a Quantum Pillar then the resultant Nymph will be of the one for that pillar's element. If a Quantum Pillar is targetted, a random Nymph will be created.

ElementNymphAlchemy cardEffect
EntropyPurple NymphAntimatterTurn the positive damage value of target creature into negative.
DeathGrey NymphAflatoxinPoison the target creature, if it dies, it becomes a malignant cell.
GravityAmber NymphBlack HoleAbsorb 3 quanta and 3 life points from each element of the enemy.
EarthAuburn NymphBasilisk BloodGrants 20 life points to the target creature, while disabling it for 6 turns.
LifeGreen NymphAdrenalineAllows the target creature to hit more times in one turn.
FireRed NymphRage PotionGrants the target creature 5 damage value while reducing 5 life points.
WaterNymph QueenNymph's TearsSummons another nymph, which bears the element of the pillar sacrificed.
LightWhite NymphLuciferinHeals the user 10 life points and gives the "light" ability to creatures on his/her side of the field that do not already possess an ability.
AirBlue NymphUnstable GasCreates a sacrifice card, "Unstable gas" (inflicting 20 points of damage to the enemy and 1 point of damage to every targetable creature on the board).
TimeGolden NymphPrecognitionAllows one more card to be drawn, also revealing opponents hand.
DarknessBlack NymphLiquid ShadowPoison the target creature for 1 life point, while granting it the Vampire skill (Healing the user of life points the creature hits).
AetherTurquoise NymphQuintessenceGives the skill "Immortality" to target creature, so that it cannot be targeted.