Do you must have:

  • Min. 10x Quantum pillars
  • A lot of Forest Scorpion
  • A lot of Adrenalines (if you lucky 1-2 Green Nymphs)
  • 5x Nova (optional)
  • Mark of Life

Play out all your quantum pillars if you have. Collect Life quantums (min. 7). Give a Forest scorpion Adrenaline straight away if you play off a him. This tactic is easy and cheap. For this deck give a something dealing a damage (Reverse Time, Firebolt, Icebolt) and a something healing you (Holy light, Empathic Bond, Heal...).

God luck for you. Beneath is a exemplary deck for this tactic. (My deck :) )

Ps. My english is not very good because im from Poland.

Bez tytułu

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