== Pillarless Golem/Phoenix Deck==

By Real138Edit

This deck is mainly used for PVP. In PVP my record with this deck was 22-4 so far. It is also effective in farming up to top 50 with a 75% chance of win. Against teir 3 it wins about 80-90% not fully tested. and it has a pretty good rate against teir 5. At the unupgraded lvl it doesn't fair well against FG with only 1-2 wins against them but as it becomes upgraded it becomes powerful enough to beat about half of the gods with ease. This is tested with the least unupgraded combination.

The DeckEdit

I will list the cards in order of upgrading efficiency. Upgrade in the order that they are there.


1x' Earth Mark - Used to have a steady stream to increase Lava Golems power.

6x Minor Phoenix - This card is important that you upgrade. Without it upgraded its pretty useless in the deck as it would be too expensive.

6x Immolation - Used to get quantum in this deck along with novas. First priority to use these on are photons as they deal the least damage, then sparks, and then if you don't have any of those you always have phoenixes as backup and just bring them back next turn.

6x Lava Golem - Main damage dealer in the deck. Get these out as soon as you can. Remember to always use their ability each turn.

1x Weapon - Use whatever weapon you see fit. I personally like Vampire Dagger with this deck as it increases Elemental Mastery. I don't recommend pulverizer as it wastes your earth quanta used for golems. Lobotomizer is also a good choice as it eliminates the problem with some monsters destroying lava golems with ease(Mainly maxwell demons). I haven't tried trident but that might also be good for slowing down the opponent.

6x Sparks - used as sacrifice for Cremation and also to finish off an opponent.

3x Photons - also used as sacrifice can also put out as fodder against AI. (if you have a light weapon then this would be useful to upgrade instead of sparks.)

6x Nova - *DO NOT UPGRADE* if upgraded it cost 2 entropy thus somewhat ruining the deck.

Ok i know this deck might be a bit on the expensive side compared to other decks but the phoenix's MUST be upgraded to be effective.

Fake God's Guide

Still to come...

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