Water/Life Aggro Deck from AngelicDemise AKA Albireo. All Upgraded

1 Mark of Water

9 Life towers

6 Epinephrine

9 Water Towers

6 Puffer Fish

The WorksEdit

Another straightforward aggro deck. One problem is that the life towers crowd your hand, giving you too much life while supressing your Fishies. Just take out one or two of them and put in one or two water towers.

It's a nice deck, and it works a good ammount of times, but it isn't the best. Picture please?

Something else I hate about it is that it says ont the Puffer Fish description that in each successful attack it inflicts poison damage, well you get quite a few attacks with epinephrine on it, and it only inflicts 2 poison damage every turn. Isn't that contradictory? Fix pl0x.

Unfortunate fact: any shield that blocks 2 or more dmg owns this deck ~ WakSkylicker


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