Ok this poison rush deck is rather new and unrefined so some people may want to change it or add upgraded cards/arsnics but for players with little to no cash this is a good start

deck build

Mark of death

Water pillers x3

Water pendulums x8

death pillers x1

Chrysaora x6

Freeze x3

Icebolt x3

Ice shield x2

Arctic Squid x1 (only rare card can be easaly replaced with either an extra poison, extra icebolt or and extra freeze)

Poison x3

the idea is to get pendulums out asap then play as many chrysoras as you can (unless you can't activate all there abilitys in one turn) the shield is to keep yourself alive for more poisoning of opponent and the icebolts and freezes are for strong enemys ect all comments+ upgrades appreciated

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