This deck has a VERY high winrate against all decks in PvP 1, which now has a nice 100-150 payout as well as the chance to chat with other people while you play. The more you play this and understand its weaknesses, the better you will be able to make decisions such as when to use deflags and when its acceptable to use firebolts as CC. Its also quite fun, as your opponent thinks they have the upper hand and suddenly they've lost. Its definately not unheard of to be blocked by a shield and suddenly finish them off with firebolts doing over 100 damage.

The deck consists of:

14 Fire Pillars

6 Shards of Gratitude

6 Firebolts

2 Deflagrations

3 Fahrenheits

1 Fire Shield

The strategy...... Do nothing. Seriously. Play your pillars and sit there, preferably with Fahrenheit out (play this whenever you don't already have one out). When your opponent gets creatures out, play down shards and fire shield (this can be your best and worst friend.... it can be hard to draw and it doesnt do a whole lot when its summoning skeletons for the enemy, but there are decks that it will completely shut down). Deflagrations are for weapons mainly, as shields won't do your enemy much good. From this point on, stockpile fire quanta. Allow your Fahrenheit to slowly whittle away at their health as their creatures die and you heal through the damage. When you have enough firebolts to finish them in one fell swoop, take a look at your HP. How many shards do you have out? Is it possible to be a complete jerk and EM your opponent? If not, just let the firebolts loose and yaaay you won! Don't forget that Fahrenheit will attack at the end of your turn, AFTER you gain quanta and that firebolts do 3 base damage as well as the quanta modified damage.

When to use firebolts as CC:

As a general rule, I use firebolts to CC growth monsters. You can never kill these with a fire shield because they will grow to fast and you'll be outrushed by a 21 damage forest thingy that you laughed at earlier because it was 1/1. The only other time to firebolt is when you will definately die..... it happens occasionally, a big dragon will come out and you just cant outheal it. Kill it, preferably with 1 firebolt. If it takes you 3, you'll probably lose anyways.

Edit: So I lied. Its not a rush. In fact the only thing that consistantly has a chance against it is a real fire rush. But its still a really strong deck =p

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