This is a starter, no-upgraded-card strategy WIP.

(I am aware of the double listing.)

Once this deck's gears start moving they generally don't stop.

This deck is mainly weak against Aether and Fire, and somewhat weak against Death and Darkness.

Mark of Water

15x Quantum Pillar


Firefly Queen



Minor Vampire

Parallel Universe

Spells/creature upgrades: (all Fire Cards), Nova, Mutation, Plate Armor, Heal, Empathic Bond, Momentum, Freeze, 2X Ice Bolt, Purify, 2X Holy Light, Blessing,

Fire Cards: Deflagration, Immolation, Rain of Fire

Time Cards: Deja Vu, Golden Hourglass, Anubis(not needed?)

Death Cards: Flesh Spider, Boneyard

Entropy Cards: Nova, Mutation, Fallen Elf

Gravity Cards: Armagio, Otyugh, Momentum

Nature Cards: Rustler, Forest Spirit, Emerald Shield, Empathic Bond

Light Cards: 3X Photon, Pegasus, 2X Holy Light, Guardian Angel, Blessing, Morning Star

Water Cards: Chrysaora, 2X Blue Crawler, Freeze, 2X Ice Bolt, Purify, Ice Dragon, Toadfish, Mind Flayer

Made by Kubius

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