This deck shocks most players since it denies the attack phase from them and most decks are designed to win by attacikng.

Being a rainbow deck, it is immune to Devourer decks. And it can play most of the cards without pillars, if you happen to have a Nova in hand, so pillar destruction cannot shut it down totally, either. Its bad matchups are the more focused poison decks and the ones with a high defrag/steal density.

The deck is cheap; it runs smootly w/o any upgraded cards.

Mark of Life

14 Quantum Pillars

2 Aether Pillars

5 Nova

2 Chaos Seed

5 Chrysaora

6 Sundial

5 Dimensional Shield

2 Steal

1 Morning star

1 Phase Dragon

- Use your Chaos Seeds when necessary; That is, to kill enemy Otyuhgs, Scarabs, Parasites and stuff.

- The sole Phase Dragon is the backup plan, if the opponent happens to kill all your Chrysaoras.

- If you have the money, then upgrade the DSes first, then maybe you can cut the Aether Pillars from the deck.

- If you plan to use Enchant Artifacts, then I suggest playing Owl's Eye instead of Morning Star.

By Acsabi44

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