First of all, i have scaned the wiki and have not found this deck BUT if it is up sorry about that. Second it would be really nice if somebodty could put up a picture of the deck for me as i do not know how to.

The CardsEdit

x6 Quantum Pillars

x6 Nova

x2 Lycanthrope

x2 Graviton Fire Eaters

x2 Graboid

x2 Forest Spirit

x6 Immolation

x2 Lava Golem

x6 Photon

Total 34 Cards


Works amazing on Elders, Nice on T50, and Decent on PVP

In order i was 90-10, 83-17, 68-32



Some Shields


Reverse Time

Antimatter/Improved Antimatter

Black Hole

Otyughs/Elite Otyughs

Miracle/Improved Miracle


If you have any other weaknesses that this deck has, other stats, or just want to comment, this is the place.

well ...which mark should i use??

I use an earth mark and I have had decent success. Lately I find that I am losing in top50. I've been having too many bad draws. Like either hands full of quantum generating things and no creatures to play (nova, immolation, quantum towers/pillars) or hands full of creatures but no quantum generating except maybe an immolation or two. I think the balance might be off. I have been upgrading mine though, and have elite graboids, added pulverizer to deal with shields (which I upgraded) and have been working on the pillars to towers. It isn't a bad deck, it just might not be that good for top 50 anymore. Also I find that it stalls out against people who get otyugh/elite otyughs out early and people who use black holes or people with a lot of life gain are hard to win against. Antimatter sucks too.

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