rainbow dragon-spam deckEdit

This deck includes: 25 quantum pillars/towers, 1 purple dragon, 1 bone dragon, 1 colossal dragon, 1 emerald dragon, 1 crimson dragon, 1 ice dragon, 1 golden dragon, 1 azure dragon, 2 golden hourglasses, 1 devonian dragon, 3 sundials, 1 black dragon, 1 parallel universe, 5 dimensional shields

This is an easy deck to create, because it doesn't require any upgraded cards. It is also god-tested, and works very well with a good draw. the point of this deck is to get out many quantum pillars to build up quantum quickly, and use the sundials and dimensional shields to stall until the dragons can come out. usually, multiple are able to come out at the same time, giving you a massive attack power very quickly.

optional cards that help in this deck: 1 miracle, 1 trident (to destroy their pillar stockpile), 1 pulverizer (to destroy shields and weapons)

-Vioarr: What Mark would you use for this? I'm guessing the Mark of Time...or Aether?

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