Rush from the ashes is an entrophy based Fractal/Unupgraded Pheonix rush I came up with shortly after the new cards were implimented. It runs like a rainbow using cremations and supernovas to tap into a number of cheap control cards, while building an army of unupgraded pheonxes. Rather than play the upgraded Minor Pheonix, which is less damaging but much cheaper, it relies on using fractal on the Ashes generated by a dead pheonix, which cost a paltry 2 fire to field.

Comment: Ashes cost 7 fire quanta?

This lets you develop an army of Pheonixes rapidly using the cremations, supernovas, and fractals, since using this strategy makes it cost 1 turn and only 3 quanta to get out a full grown 7/1 pheonix. Futher details to follow.

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The rainbow element is insufficient to develop an array of creatures and abilities dependably without towers, so we sprinkle in some cheap control cards like gravity force, shockwave, Congeal, and Earthquake.

Creature wise, we bring that old mainstay Lava Golem x 3, and Phoenix in a pack of x 4. We also carry 4 rays of light. Just enough to block burrowed elite shriekers completely. Card Count = 11

On the spell front we bring a fractal (lets face it you probably only have the quata for 1 before a fight is over) 3 gravity forces, 3 shockwaves, two earthquakes, and a butterfly effect (for all our excess Entrophy quanta). Shockwave will get rid of anything up to elite graboids (wrecks Seism rushes handly). Card Count = 21

We're light on permantents with a total of zero towers. Hope capitalizes on our Rays of Light. To substitute for the regular Towers, we bring 4 supernovas, and 6 cremations. Final Count 31

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