At first, this deck seems unreliable.

"Six dragons and not one emerald pillar!"

But, if you try it out before commenting you'll see its strengths.

Also, this deck is in its early stages so add or subtract any cards you want.

Whatever you think is best.


Deck Edit

  • Mark of life
  • 6 emerald dragons
  • 4 rustlers
  • 3 heals
  • 2 thorn carapaces
  • 11 light pillars
  • 3 blessings
  • 1 morning star

How It WorksEdit

As fast as you can put out a rustler.

There's no point in putting out more than one rustler, so don't.

You can use their ability as much as you want in a turn.

Once you get five light quantums or even any light quantums change them,unless you want to use the weapon or a blessing.

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