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The Deck:

- Gravity Mark

- 10 Bone Pillars  

- 1-2 Supernova Only cast twice per turn if you plan to commit suicide.

- 6-7 Gravity Pillars/ pendulums

- 3-5 Retroviruses

- 4 Boneyards

- 4 Bone Walls

- 2 Momentum/unstoppable

 - 3-4 Sparks or photons

- 12 anubis

- 6 Reverse Time unless you have eternirt

- 4-5 Otyughs

If you really get in trouble with shields that reduce damage by 1 or 2 or 3 or 2839184392, you can also put a deflagaration in. Beaucuse of the novas you don't need fire or quantum pillars.

This is just a test build, so If you know how to increase this build to something better,, plz leave a comment.

Eternity is probably the best weapon, for it gives you more control over creatures. But maybe pulvirizer is better, nvm.

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