6x scarab 6x deja vu 4x anubis 2x golden hourglass 1x procrastination +time and quantum pillars (as many as you want)

Anubis makes itself immortal then summon scarabs only as many as you can make immortal on the turn they are summoned. This will cause opponents to lose cards quickly from devour and deja vu creates lots of food so scarabs beef up quickly. Sorry about detail I wrote this quickly

Comment: using PU on scarabs is much better.

In your opinion. using PU allows a weakness of the card plague, lightning, rain of fire, ect. especially in the beginning. Also it requires 2 elements.

That's my version of a Scarab deck using Parallel Universe and a Gravity mark. It's not the best balanced Scarab deck, but it uses PUs.

Devilord Bloodshadow 04:30, October 9, 2009 (UTC)

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