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Import Code:

61o 61o 61o 61o 61o 80h 80h 622 622 4vm 4vm 561 561 5bs 5bs 5bs 5bs 5bs 5c6 5c6 5c9 5c9 5rl 5rl 5rq 5rq 5rq 5rq 5rq 5rq 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 8ps

-By OdinVanguard

This deck combines the old trusty scarab swarm strategy with mitosis and catapult for some fun effects. The ratios may need some tweeking, but here is what I have:


10 Quantum Pillars

5 Life Pilars

5 Aether Pillars

6 Scarabs

2 Mitosis

2 Fractal

2 Quintesence

2 Empathic Bonds

2 Catapults

2 Golden Hourglass

2 Fallen Elf (optional - suggest non upgraded. See below)


Get a scarab with mitosis and quintesence as soon as possible. Use fractal and mitosis to pump out the army of scarabs. When it is large enough, catapults can be used if shields are in your way. Fallen elf is there to mutate large enemy creatures, such as dragons voodoo dolls, etc. so your scarabs can chew on them (granted mutants are still 5/5s but its better than a 10/5 or larger dragon). Should any of your scarabs get poisoned or frozen, just fling them at the opponent to teach them a lesson. Finally, empathic bonds will help keep you alive.


Scarab swarm - eats almost anything eventually

Can bypass damage blocking shields (no more worrying over pesky gravity or titanium shields)

40 cards = relatively small, so should be consistent

Turns those pesky freeze and creature poison decks against themselves:

Frozen scarab = higher catapult damage
Poisoned scarab = poisoned opponent


Scarab mitosis combo can take some work to setup. Takes a few rounds to set up.

No permanent control

Vulnerable to damage shields. E.g. Fire Shield, Spine Carapace

Decking out may be a problem in long fights (eternity could help with that)


What Mark are you using? I'm just going to use a Time Mark in the deck template and import code. (Assuming the Mark of Time will allow for steady electrum production for fueling the Scarab Swarm). --Sirkillsalot

Yes, thank you. I forgot to list mark of time. Anything else makes it too dificult to keep up a constant stream of scarabs. --OdinVanguard

Sorry but a horrible deck, not enough quantum generation and chances of getting quintescence or mitosis is way too low. Way too slow also. 

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