Scavenger Deck

(Weenie Rush/Creature Elimination)

Card List

Name Amount Odds
Quantum Pillar 20 38%
Otyugh 6 11%
Vulture 6 11%
Spark 6 11%
Empathic Bond 6 11%
Boneyard 6 11%
Nightfall 1 2%
Owl's Eye 1 2%
Bone Wall 1 2%
Total 53

Card Types

Type Amount Odds
Pillars 20 38%
Creatures 18 34%
Permanents 15 28%
Spell 0 0%

Strengths: Weenie Rush, Defensive Decks, Power Cards

Weaknesses: Permanent Destroying, Creature Elimination Decks

Pros: Large amounts of damage dealt quickly, Eliminates Bone Wall/Dissipation Field easily, Is extremely adaptable, Does not rely on spells, All creatures are safe from Maxwell's Demon, Large card count and defense combined with healing can outlast many others.

Cons: Strategy takes time to set up, Is relitively expensive, Without Otyguh/Owl's Eye deck has little power, Steal can turn strategy against you, Reverse Time is frusturating for Otyguh/Vulture, Delay can really slow down the strategy

Expect some trouble if enemy is running Darkness or Time Decks

Card Purposes

Card Purpose for Card
Quantum Pillar Generates Quantum. This deck uses 5 elements. It is more effective with Quantums rather than Bone/Emerald/Wind/Gravity/Obsidian Pillars.
Otyugh The main creature eliminator, and provides food for Vultures, Bone Wall, and Boneyard. Could be considered the "key" element of this deck. If it devours enough creatures, it could also be considered a power creature.
Vulture The main power creature. This deck, for the most part, relies on killing creatures to function. With this deck, vultures have been able to raise up to 50 attack thanks to the hordes of Skeletons that you can consume with your Otyughs.
Spark The Spark is mainly a fodder card. Use it to feed your Otyughs, Vultures, Bone Wall, and Boneyards. The beauty of this card is, if you have an Otyugh, use it to eat it, and you gain the other bonuses. If not, then at the end of the turn, you add 2 bonewalls, up your vulture or gain up to 6 Skeletons. Also does not require Quantum to play.
Empathic Bond This is your healing card. Its not very difficult to build up to the max of 23 cards with this deck, allowing you to heal a potential of 138 health a turn if all goes right.
Boneyard Boneyard allows you to produce massive amounts of Skeletons. You can produce up to 6 Skeletons per Devour/Snipe. Or if you upgrade it to Graveyard via the quest, you can produce 6 Elite Skeletons. This aids in healing, can provide fodder for Otyughs, or force to take down your enemies.
Nightfall Nightfall isn't a neccisary card but will boost your Vultures and Skeletons +1/+1. The extra attack on the Skeletons can help greatly, and can let them survive an extra turn while the enemy has Firewall, or if they use Thunderstorm.
Owl's Eye The Owl's Eye is not entirely neccisary either, but helps a tremendous deal. It adds extra damage, as well as allows you to Snipe your enemies health which can either destroy them, or allow an Otyugh to consume them. Very useful against players that use cards that raise defense very quickly like Lava Golems or Otyughs so that you can consume them with your Otyughs.
Bone Wall The Bone Wall is your primary shield. You should only play it to keep you alive or when you have the means to kill creatures to fuel it, so you don't lose it. With this deck, it has been able to go up to 40 shields, allowing you to regain health without being touched.
Skeleton While you shouldn't have any Skeletons in your deck, you get them from Boneyards, and in large supply. Use them to attack, feed the Bone Wall or your Otyughs. They do not create more Skeletons with Boneyard when killed.


Firewalls will kill your Skeletons. Use them to your advantage to powerup your vultures.

After you have full HP and Bone Wall, keep it full of bones by eating your skeletons, all the while fueling your heavy hitters.

This deck is very good at dealing with your opponents strategy; if they try a control tactic, build up your defenses primarily so you won't get hurt, devour decks can be conquered by getting Otyughs out quick, or demolishing the enemy's (if they get it out first) with Owl's Eye. For healing decks, destroying your enemies cards are key. Yet you can heal the damage from poison decks.

Last Note: Watch out for Owl's Eye. It is the biggest enemy of this deck.

Comment: gnugnu (kongregate name) i have used this deck a couple of times and found out somthing battling a person who used flood that when you have maybe 4 or 5 boneyards and you kill one of your own or theirs you get alot of skeletons (note have some vultures on the field already but not on the water) and when the skellys die they get boosted like hell so i think you could add a couple of floods in if you want


User - Socket

I used this deck and I can report roughly a 10% win chance, on level 3. (12/100)

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