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Strategy Edit

The general idea of this deck is to fill your field with a lot of monsters; then start healing with Empathic Bond and using them as mutation fodder to create more powerful monsters.

If the opponent keeps this deck from being able to setup it's main strategy, well then it's GG, of course once it has been setup it's very hard to take it down. The deck is pretty versatile in how it can set itself up, too.

Different options include:

  1. Boneyard + Schrodinger's cat
  2. Boneyard + Pandemonium
  3. Boneyard + Plague
  4. Aflatoxin on one of your own monsters

The above examples are how you'll be able to get the army you need. This deck has some other niceties to deal with different situations.

  1. Butterfly Effect to deal with dangerous permanents.
  2. Chaos Seed to deal with strong monsters the opponent might have.
  3. Forest Scorpion for some reliable damage output.

You should have the perfect amount of towers, along with enough novas to speed you along when you're just a quanta or two away from finishing the setup.

Additional Notes Edit

You could definitely swap out a couple cards for something like Steal or Purify if you really wanted to; maybe even more Bone Wall. The deck is decently flexible, so you can do a little tweaking without compromising it's core function. The main benefit from having both skeletons AND malignant cells at your disposal is that skeletons turn into a random monster when targeted with reverse time, rather than be sent into your deck.

Comments Edit

From testing this deck on Level Threes, it has too many variables and takes too long to set up a win condition for the player. The opponent can typically completely lock you out of winning. I would suggest completely rethinking this deck's manner of winning; I don't personally think that you could win an elemental mastery with a Schrodinger deck. Does anyone else agree or disagree with me?

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