A deck that you can use to kill Seism or Obliterator.

The deckEdit

This deck with an obvious and non imaginative name was designed initially to figth against Obliterator. In a strange turn of fate, it was used against Seism instead. The deck worked well and finally I got an Elemental Mastery!

The next day, I used to prove it againts a predicted Obliterator. This time without Mastery, almost won with 96 HP. I must to say I am very proud with this aparently casual deck.

Playing SOKEdit

Seism-Obliterator Killer is a control-oriented deck, using Darkness and Entropy. It works using many elements to control de game.

It have six Steal to steal Pulverizer; if you don't, you may go to "End Battle" in order to save time. Against pillars crushing, we have 6 Devourers wich provide us with dark quantum and our Entropy Mark which will slowly increase your entropy quantums. Since both gods uses cards that require high quantum costs, Devourers can delay its strategys, specially against Obliterator.

Also, two random Parasites can help poison enemy creatures for control.

With Entropy quanta, we have Maxwell Demon, which can kill some creatures, sometimes with the help of any Parasite, and Antimatter. Antimatter is much better than usual removal. For 8 Entropy quantum, this trick doen't kill our worst enemy monster, but it will increase our HP equal to its attack was. Playing against any Dragon means more time to develop the strategy. Also, two Fallen Druids will convert our Devourers and Parasites into a most middle-time usefull mutants, and a single Fallen elf can "abominate" any other danguerous menace that still remain in the enemy side.

Finally, we have two Drain Life, five Shard of Gratitud, and 1 Super Nova. This is the deck:

4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vd 4vd 4vd 4vm 4vn 4vn 4vn 4vn 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5uk 5um 5um 5um 5um 5um 5um 5un 5un 5uo 5uo 5up 5up 5up 5up 5up 5up 5us 5us 6rn 6rn 6rn 6rn 6rn 6u3 6u6 6u6

JouninOfDespair - There is one tiny problem with this deck - there is no life pillars (and no life mark), so unless you are planning to have 6 or so supernovas - this strategy will fall hard on its face. To combat this, consider throwing in either a couple of quantum pillars, this will essentially give you the quanta you need, albeit rather slowly and randomly. Hope that helps :)

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