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List of CardsEdit

Serket has 2 copies of each of the following cards:

Import Code:

710 710 710 710 710 710 710 713 713 713 713 713 71a 71a 71e 71e 71e 71e 71e 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ac 7ao 7ao 7ao 7ao 7ao 7b0 7b0 7ta 7ta 7ta 7ti 7ti 7ti 8pt

Creature Control: None

Permanent Control: None

Quanta Control: None

Fire storm would seem like a good card to use


Fire storm can easily fall short, seeing as many of his creatures quickly become 4 toughness, where Fire Storm only does 3 damage. Explosions (or the un-upgraded version) are necessary to remove his buffs and Arsenic. Once his elcipses are down, Fire Storm quickly regains it's position as a board wipe. Poison Removal spells are also very useful. 

Overall, some Permanent Control and Poison Removal will make this god a lot easier. Fahrenheit (only need to cast one) with a large amount of Fire Quanta should rip right through him as he has no shields at all. Keep some Fire Lances (or the unupgraded version) in hand to spot remove the Life Nymphs and prioritize killing off the Eclipses, as they will make his creatures actually do damage.

These claims are based off of what I have seen in fighting him, but I did suffer a loss, so keep this in mind while deciding to take this advice or not.


dkflsrj: Mono Aether deck (Phase Dragons + Dimensional Shields) has a good chance to defeat him (Serket hasn't any Permanent Control\Momentum cards). Also Serket hasn't a flying creatures\ranged weapon, consequently attempts may be made with Wings (Only flying or ranged creatures can harm you. Lasts 5 turns).

tim0tim0: instead of monoaehter try mono air wings has the same effect but lasts 5 turns and you could use owls/eagles eyes to remove his creatures or use dragons for dmg while stalling with wings

i finished him with 70 hp left and 7 turns of shield left (5 in my hand)

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