Shadow Dragons


by ishobi

Requires to be a Dark Elemental:

  • x6 Obsidian Tower
  • X4 Pest
  • x4 Obsidian Dragons
  • x3 Improved Liquid Shadow
  • x3 Improved Steal
  • x1 Improved Dusk Mantle
  • x8 Aether Tower
  • x6 Twin Universe
  • x1 Electrocutor


It may be a slow starter, so try to keep alive until you get 15-18 'Darkness quantum and 18-24 Aether quantum. Getting into play some early Pests could hasten you a bit ( and will hopefully slow down your opponent). Once you completed all the quantum requirements, you may already have half less life than your opponent-but once you equiped a' liquid shadow on a single dragon, created 3 or 4 copies of it with Twin Universes, getting all those loss HP is just a turn away. Your Poisoned dragons have limited time to finish the job, though, so act quickly and take advantage of every opportunity to deal damage (and gain life). You may also want to steal those pesky shields and weapons whenever you have the chance so that you can assure that every turn yur dargons are alive, counts!

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