This deck uses Fractal, which, as of the time this page was created, has not yet been implemented. Upgrades are optional.

Building The DeckEdit

7x Bone Tower

3x Condor

2x Graveyard

3x Bonewall

9x Aether Tower

6x Ball Lightning

6x Fractal

Mark of Aether


Basically get as many Condors, Graveyards, and hopefully a Bonewall on the field as possible before playing a Ball Lightning, Fractaling it, and playing the full hand of them.

Did not do much actual testing, but some thought has been put into this...

The beefed up Condors and the Graveyards give reliability, the Bonewalls provide defense.

Numbers definitely need a bit of tweaking.

You might want to screw around with it a bit in the trainer before actually building the deck.

Should still work unupgraded, but damage is reduced considerably.

Heavily weak against decks with cards like Titanium Shield or Rain of Fire...

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