Created on the Forums by ScaredGirl

Mark of Entropy

6x Quantum Pillars

6x Supernova

1x Werewolf

1x Bone Wall

1x Elite Charger

2x Elite Graboid

2x Forest Spectre

1x Fire Spectre

2x Explosion

1x Improved Blessing

1x Eagle's Eye

2x Electrum Hourglass

2x Improved Steal

2x Thunderbolt

Pretty basic: use the Mark of Entropy to power Supernovas, and lay out your entire hand on turn 2~4. Keep the growing stuff growing, disrupt your opponent with Explosion/Steal/Eagle's Eye, and keep it all going with the Hourglasses.


Maybe fit some heals in there because i seem to keep losing health.


Also, I think you should add 1 phase/dimensional shield incase Bone Wall runs out or you need 3 turns delay because either you have bad hand or low quantum.


This deck is great, especially to farm T50.

@Grindpower: As ScaredGirl said on the forum, you could replace the Blessing with a Miracle if you need healing. but I tend to toss it when I have it in my hand more often than not, so I like to keep the deck as it is.

@Nhan1st: Why? If you have a bad draw or bad quanta, then you'll most likely not be able to play the Phase Shield anyway, and if the Bonewall isn't enough, then the deck failed to be the "speed rainbow" that it's supposed to be. If I get a really bad draw, I wouldn't even bother to play to begin with, and that extra shield would be pointless. Besides, this deck is supposed to be more offensive than defensive.

~~Exarp Omega~~


Imo If u wanna add more dmg drop two unstable gasses in there to use at the end , for me this often means the difference between losing or winning

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