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This is a deck designed to be a very fast deck, to em all those one health guys in the arena while also providing enough damage to beat the average deck up to gold. The design is pillar's and is fairly self sustaining with lots of extra quantum. For this example I use wyrm but this deck lay out has a few options. Many people seem to like using one or two costly light cards (Usually miracle, morning star, or hope) and then one or two wind cards (usually sky blitz or wyrm).

The example shown is one of the fastest setups but it has quite a few weaknesses. No CC, no PC, low health, and nothing to get through shields. In short its fragile and requires a fully used deck. To add CC at the cost of deck speed you can take out the sparks and add gnome rider and iridium warden. This provides a solid creature control when facing non aether based decks.

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