This deck is based on the creatures Armagio and Gaurdian Angel. When alone, these 2 creatures don't work that well, but when together, they form a massive wall between you and creatures. This deck is strong, but has also a few weaknesses in it. But most of all, it is much fun to play.


- Mark of Gravity or Mark of Light

- 6 Gravity Pillars

- 10 Light Pillars (You can also add a few pillars if you want)

- 4 Armagios

- 4 Holy Lights

- 5 Guardian Angels ( you can add one more if you want)

- 6 Blessings

- (Optional) A light or gravity shield


 Put an Armagio out there ASAP! You are very vulnerable in the time between the first round and the first Armagio in play. Also put your Gaurdian Angels out as soon as possible. You gotta be prepared to heal the Armagio when all hell breaks lose. To upgrade the attack and hp of your Armagio, use as many blessings as possible on it. DO NOT USE YOUR BLESSINGS ON MUTIPLE ARMAGIOS, you gotta have one really strong one. Only use a blessing on some other Armagio if the first one dies or the situation calls for it. When you are low on gaurdian angels in your draw, or your gaurdian angels get killed, frozen or incapable of healing, use your holy light spells as a backup. You will probably get more then one Armagio in your hand. Just put them all out in the field, cause when your main Armagio get's severe damage without enough healing to save him, you can switch your gravity pull to the other armagios untill the main one is fully recovered or an extra gaurdian comes in play to increase the healing he gets a turn.


- Rush builds. Builds that immediatly start killind/controlling you equals a loss.

- Denial builds. Healing isn't that expensive, but blessings and gaurdian angels already cost 3 light qaunta a piece. If you don't get a nice flow of light qaunta, you are lost.

- Poisen builds. Poisen get's past the armagio (shields and other stuff like lightning is re-directed to the Armagio). When facing poisen you still have a chance to win, you just have to kill the opponent faster than he kills you.

Plz leave some feedback so I can work on this build. Thanks.

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