The Blessed Vampiric Voodoo Doll

  1. The Mark of Aether
  2. 6 Voodoo Dolls
  3. 6 Blessing
  4. 6 Liquid Shadow
  5. 6 Parallel Universe
  6. m Light Pillars
  7. m Obsidian Pillars
  8. m Aether Pillars

m=as many as you want

How to use:

  1. Place the voodoo doll.
  2. Bless it.
  3. Turn it into a vampire.
  4. Parrallel universe it.
  5. You get a bonus, when you poison the voodoo doll the opponent also gets poisoned, when the voodoo doll loses hp because of poisoning, the opponent will also lose hp.

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