Why such a deck?Edit

For those who missed the title, just search youtube with it and replace "Lv.5-Grinder" with "Murderer". Warning: That video contains VIOLENCE and is clasiffied PG. But that's real fun.

This deck surely represents some of my own ideas. This deck is probably not the best Lv.5 Grinder, the idea of 1000 games with the same fire deck makes me cringe. So I made the following deck makes grinding more fun, and makes almost as much money as those fire decks which finishes a game in a minute or two.

The DeckEdit

Mark of Time, 54 Cards in Total

23 x Quantum Pillars

2 x Enchant Artifact

5 x Stone Skin

1 x Heal

2 x Empathic Bond

1 x Chrysaora

5 x Golden Hourglass

1 x Eternity

4 x Parasite

4 x Dimensional Shield

2 x Dissipation Field

4 x Quintessence

Deck Import code:

4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 592 592 594 594 594 594 594 5c2 5c6 5c6 5i5 5rl 5rl 5rl 5rl 5rl 5ro 5un 5un 5un 5un 61t 61t 61t 61t 6u0 6u0 80h 80h 80h 80h 8ps

The only (true) attacking unit is the Chrysaora.

There are 5 monsters in total (1+4), but only 4 Quintessences. One monster left for Reverse Time trick.

The ultimate defense can stand 70 points of damage per round (23 Pillars x 3 + 1 x Mark of Time). However, don't expect to hold this number of damage in the long run as you will run out of time to do the vital Reverse Time.

The Main Play LineEdit

1. Pick hourglass and accelerate drawing.

2. Get enough resources and dimensional shields.

3. Finally use Dissipation Field as the ultimate shield.

4. Use Play monster + Time Reverse to prevent from decking out, while poisoning your opponent.

5. Finally, CONTROL your opponent time of death with how much you poison him - this is the essence of the deck - so that he lasts long enough for you to gather enough Earth to use Stone Skins, and let the Empathic Bond to heal you to full..

If all these can be done, your opponent either dies from poison or decking out. And you end the game with 350/350 Health - with a great reward of 204 coins!

Summary: Poison him again, and again, and again, and again... or make him draw again, and again, and again.

It gets better.Edit

When you upgrade it.

Fundamental ideas behind the deckEdit

My answers for a few questions:

What kind of damage, physical, spell or poison, is the most reliable? There are no shields against poison. It can be nullified by Purify, but a creature inflicting poison every turn makes complete cure impossible. This deck features a TRUELY immortal monster which poisons - the Extremely Inefficient Weapon - Chrysaora + Quintessence. Now it is untargetable, and it is practically the only monster with 0 attack - not fearing the Fire Wall - but which is useful.

What makes you end the game with FULL x N health? Miracle+Heal is plausible solution, but that only gives you full health. How about using Stone Skins, and keeping the battle REAL LONG so you got loads of Earth to use them? (By the way, I have no Miracles.)

What is the best shield of all, at least against a Lv.5 bot? The bone shield resists stealing or deflag by itself, but it cannot be used alone; it can be rendered invincible only with the Rainbow. Dimensional shield fears stealing and is temporary. In my mind, the TRUE shield is Dissipation Field + Enchant Artifact + loads of quanta. There has to be some way to clear monsters; for the battle is long, and the Field has to stand in LONG run.

What is the best strategy against randomness? What makes you utilize everything in a deck? Using ALL cards in the deck. The method is: the raw power of time; a large deck, many hourglasses, and Eternity. So one can accelerate drawing at the beginning without worrying about decking out; just keep a low-cost monster and use the play-and-reverse-time combo. Now your deck can last for eternity!

What is the secret of this deck's ability?

<Not replied to. :(>

Some Notes:Edit

1. An extra combo - "Relay Shield":

The purpose of putting 2 Dis. Field instead of one is to reduce the reliance of luck of getting all the Dim. Shields all the way. If it happens that you get too few Dim. Shields at the first half of the deck but get a Dis. Field and sufficient resources, then play the Dis. Field first, and hope to get the Dim. Shield as soon as possible. But be careful - to turn back to Dim. Shield, you must have 6 Aether on hand. So this "relay" has to be done in time - watch your Aether closely.

2. The following cards must be played together (usually):

1. Chrysaora + Quintessence. If it is killed, your only hope to win is opponent decking out, virtually.

2. Parasite + Quintessence. You need it for killing monsters in long term.

3. Last Dis. Field + Enchant Artifact. This is your final defence!

4. Eternity + Enchant Artifact. This is also your final defence!

3. Why the "Heal" card if you expect the Empathic Bonds to heal you full in long run?

There is a subtlety to note when you are poisoned. Suppose you are poisoned by 2 points per round by the time you put your final blow, and you have 2 Empathic Bonds on the table. So you have Max Health minus 2 when it is your turn. Your killing blow is probably the first blow when you end the turn - the poison. So the question is: are you given the 2 HPs from Empathy first, or kill your opponent first? You get a perfect win if it is the former case, and not if it is the latter.

Unfortunately, the answer is the latter. So you need the Heal for a final boost and to secure perfect win in this case. But, still, if you could squeeze in the light with a miracle.

Strength and WeaknessEdit

The deck is strong against most of the Level 5 opponents, and is weak against:

1. A fast deck. Definitely, despite the name.

2. Fire. It has deflagrations which breaks your critical hourglass at the beginning; and dim. shields at the middle of the fight, where the table inflicts you, say, 40 damage per round. Also it has Fire Wall which renders Parasites useless. But good thing you have enchantment of artifacts.

3. Gravity. A computer gravity deck has many Sapphire Chargers, and 6 Momentums... all ignoring your shield. It is hard to get rid of them quick.

4. The Bottom Eternity. What happens if your Eternity lies at the BOTTOM of the deck? The Reverse Time trick is over. Likewise if the second Enchant Artifact lies at the BOTTOM. To play the Reverse Time trick, the Eternity has to be played at the second last card you draw, and in that bad case, you have to play the Eternity without protecting it (for one round, before you get the Bottom Enchant Artifact). How about the Eternity being stolen at that very round?

5. Any kind of permanent control. Rainbow decks in particular.


I have not used this final deck for long. After trying a few hours, my perfect win rate is over 50% which suckz a little


Dude, this deck sucks. Only 1 Chrysaora? lol put 6 physalias or something unless you are dead.

i think 2 or three chrys would be matter if one dies and you get two or three time faster the poison!

chrysaora + shard of readiness + quintessence=one poison counter at turn(no matter what happens)

devourers + butterfly effect + shard of readiness + 1earth quanta=one permanent destroyed at turn

reverse time + eternity + protect artifact=infinite turns

Also, here is THE ULTIMATE WIN formula:

Physalia + Mitosis + Shard of readiness + Twin universe + Fractal + Using mitosis = Win. Evantually. Gallei says:This is a slow lvl 4 grinder. Mark of light 12x time tower 6x dune scorpion 9x light tower 6x blessing 10x aether towers 3x parallel universe 3x lightning 2x thunderstorm

Blessed dune scorpions: All they need is ONE turn of life to do the job. Parallel universe: Use on blessed dune scorpion Rest is self-guided missiles.



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