Hello there, I'm chrissteel, a platinum-league member and player since 2011. I was back to the game and in the creation of a new deck I made this one.

It depends to be upgraded, his lack of damage and quanta without the upgrade bonus breaks the entire sinergy of this deck.

I'm playing with 5 Bone Towers plus Light Towers and 5 Death Pendulums.

The reason of using only 15 towers is that I also use 5 Ray of light, a good starter with no cost that adds to your quanta 1 light per turn, useful to stack Light quanta for yours Improved Miracles.

The rest of deck consists on 6 Arsenics, 3 Morning Glory, 6 Shards of Divinity, 3 Shards of Sacrifice, 4 Improved Miracle, 2 Improved Plague and 6 Animate Weapons. A total of 50 cards.

The strategy consists on dealing damage with your weapons using Animate Weapon, the main base damage at late game, and shield avoid, depends on your poisoning, Rush out your Arsenics with no fear. If there are too much creature control in your enemy's deck, let out the animated Morning Glorys, and try to keep one Arsenic in your weapon spot.

Now, the part when your enemies wish to punch in your face because your're such an asshole that ALMOST never dies, the part which gaves the name to this list!

The Eternal deck meta is simple, stay alive, at any cost. The Shards of Divinity provides to you 24 hp to maximum health, they grant you more time to hang on, always release them as fast as you can.

When you already have more damage than your enemy, try to avoid Light quanta waste, stack them and wait for your Miracle. The name of card says everything: you got all your life points back minus 1, another life, most likely means the end of the game - a perfect Miracle.

In bad situations, like dueling aggro decks, use the Shards of Sacrifice. 40 hp down, two turns of healing, don't make math mistakes (AND FOR GOD's SAKE, DON'T USE SHARDS OF DIVINITY WHEN ON THIS EFFECT)! The Shard provides time and played at the very late game, a win condition, but it's your desperate act, always wait for a Miracle. Also, try to spend first your Miracles, then the Shards to not get in trouble with quanta issues (both wastes all your light quanta).

Also, if there're a lot of creatures in your enemy's table, plague them all with Improved Plague and watch they suffer a slowly and painfull death. Try to combo with Shard of Sacrifice!

When all of your comebacks are done, your enemy is drowning in poison, and taking a lot of damage from your animated immortal weapons. And that's it, you win. YOU. NEVER. DIE.

I hope you guys enjoy this guide, and i'm sorry for my bad english any suggestions will be accepted.

cya -chrissteel :D

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