A deck inspired by Lz_erk, who inspired me on seeing Deja Vu's as a damn great threat.

It's a deck for fun, especially if you're bored of conventional decks and want to scare people off from PVP.


Upgraded Card Version (30) :

Mark is Time.

10x Quantum Tower

2x Elite Deja Vu

3x Improved Blessing

2x Unstoppable

3x Supernova

1x Rage Potion

3x Parallel Universe

2x Electrum Hourglass

4x Sundial (non-upped)


Take the early hits, just gather quanta as much as you can. Use time and light to draw more cards.

Don't play both Deja's out or early.

Start chaining the sundials sometimes in game when you gather sufficient quanta through Supernova's and stuff.

When the time is right, drop the deja vu, buff it up like mad and Parallel it.


This deck HEAVILY bugs on PVP matches. It seems that whenever you either parallel or momentum a Deja Vu,

it bugs up like mad and your opponent has no idea what's happening. Mostly he'll still see a single 2/2 deja

while you have like 4x 15/9 momentum's ready to multiply again.

I'm not sure what's the issue here, but I love it.

Written by Breach.

Mar 05, 2010: Update by Lz_erk:

Here's the v1.19 revision: Lz Deja Pu

It's my favorite deck for anything other than level sixing, mostly for the lols. It no longer bugs PVP games, so you can listen to the cries of "not cool," "O_O," "whoa!," "[expletives]," and the holy grail of duelist comments: "lol."

Here's a shot of it in action:

Lz PU vs L5

This is an example from a random game

with a Half-Blood, NOT something selected

for a particularly good outcome.

[Yep, some of those are 22/12s.]


that'd be my latest deja vu deck. this Time/Rainbow Deja Vu is quite old, dating before Sundials got nerfed. :x

More info on "Deja PU"-themed decks here: [[1]]

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