As the name goes, time and aether deck. Aether and Time pillars (at least 10 each) Fate Egg (6) Parallel Universe (6) Dimensional Shield (6) Some quantum pillars for the Fate Eggs. Lightning (6) Procrastination! Optional. Dimensional Shield should do great. Anubis (6) Play the fate eggs and warp any strong creatures that emerge with Parallel Universe. Then play Anubis and make them immortal.

Contributor: GUTSalpha

  • Aether Pillar x 10
  • Time Pillar x 10
  • Quantum Pillar x (1-10)
  • Fate Egg x 6
  • Parallel Universe x 6
  • Dimensional Shield x 6
  • Lightning x 6
  • Anubis x 6

EDIT: I find that a mark of Aether is better than Time, because of the quantity and cost of the aether cards

Contributor: Fenrir709

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