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    The Devil Deck (Anti GOD)

    October 29, 2009 by AqlBeast

    It is hard to defeat all the False Gods with one same deck, but I am able to defeat all the False God with just my Devil Deck at least once. With the exception of Scorpio and Hermes (won only one third of the time), it is highly possible to defeat all the other False Gods at high winning percentage with a well strategized deck. It is in this respect that 40 cards is the optimun number of cards for this deck of mine---The Devil Deck:


    5 X Sundial

    13 X Quantum Tower

    3 X Supernova

    1 X Maxwell's Demon

    2 X Elite Otyugh

    1 X Fire Storm

    2 X Fallen Druid

    2 X Elite Queen

    2 X Ulitharid

    1 X Bone Wall

    1 X Gravity Shield

    1 X Poseidon

    1 X Feral Bond

    1 X Improved Miracle

    1 X Electrum Hourglass

    3 X Improved Steal

    (A screenshot of The Devil Deck is provided at th…

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