An Aether deck is unique from any other in that unlike the rest of the decks which most likely have to be conscious of an opponent an Aether deck works as an isolationist, disregarding the opponent. This isn't true for every aether deck out there, but the most commonly employed strategy employed by Aether users is the Phase Dragon Parrallel Universe strategy. It works effectively, but the opponent has to be equiped with a lot a creature attacking spell cards in hopes of winning. This being said, the Aether deck does not respond to what the opponent plays, it merely just works as an individual machine. I may be mistaken, but I believe it is the most commonly employed strategy.

Now take any form of public transportation. Many years back people would talk to total strangers in general. Now people can seat next to each other and say nothing more than "that is my stop" while looking out the window, and or being wound up in thier ipods, blackberries, etc. This is sort of how the Aether Strategy is employed, by ignoring the opponents cards, unless they match thier strategy in which case a lot of lightnings may rain down.

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