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Mark of Entropy

1 Dagger

12 Amethyst Pillar

1 Maxwell's Demon

3 Abomination

1 Purple Dragon

4 Dissipation Shield

3 Chaos Seed

6 Nova

3 Mutation

2 Antimatter Total 36 cards

dissipation shield takes care of damage, and antimatter helps with em, easy lv 3 killer and works with level 4-5

please help me devolope this


It's a decent deck, but there are too many different cards for it to be effective. If antimatter and dissipation shields are the big parts of your deck (damage blocking and healing), then make six of them.

The dagger doesn't really do a lot, it just takes up a space.

You need to have a lot of important attackers, and a small deck. 36 is okay, but again, there are too many different cards. A good idea would be:

Mark of Entropy

12 Amethyst pillar

6 Purple Dragon

6 Dissipation Shield

6 Antimatters

Total 30 cards

Much simpler, more likely to get better cards. Play pillars, play shields, play antimatters on large-damage cards (which will draw CC to them) and play dragons to kill.

Purple Nymphs can be added to make life a little harder on the CPU.


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